Since 1924, the Undergraduate Student Government has served as the sovereign representative organization of the students of Kent State University in Kent, Ohio. In addition to advocating for the student body, USG provides vital services to the university community, such as judicial advocates, conference and program grants, voter registration and information drives, concerts and comedy shows, free blue books, a collegiate readership program, bike rentals, and fantastic opportunities for involvement.

Twenty-five officials, each elected in the Spring Semester to serve a one-year term, consist of the make-up of USG. Overseen by the Student Body President, eight directors cover specific areas of student life, and sixteen senators represent the degree granting colleges, commuter and off-campus students, residence hall students, University College, and other important university constituencies.

The Undergraduate Student Government always strives to represent the best interests of the undergraduate student body, and will continue to do so by acting as a strong and guiding force at Kent State University.