Before submitting your Allocation Program Request Form, please complete this checklist to ensure that your request meets the requirements for funding.

Program requests must be turned in six academic weeks (forty two days) before the event and one week (seven days) before a USG Allocation Committee Meeting.

Step 1: Review the Allocation Guidelines to gain an understanding of the allocations process, and your responsibilities when submitting this request.

Step 2: Find a venue/location must be scheduled/secured prior to the request being heard.

Step 3: If a honorarium/ contract will be necessary, contact Katie Goldring, Associate Director, CSI (330-672-2480) per the honorarium instructions on the attached sheet detailing contract negotiations.

Step 4: Fill out the Allocation Conference Request Form fully, including all required signatures, all applicable expenses, and all biographies of each speaker/entertainer must be submitted with the request

Note: Food requests must include a written estimate from University Dining Services. Please see allocation guidelines for appropriate funding.

Note: Expenditure of funds cannot take place prior to approval of funding.

Note: Program Requests must be submitted online. The signature page must be printed and all appropriate signatures secured. The signature page must be submitted to USG Allocation Drop –Off Box outside the Undergraduate Student Government Office, 120 KSC or emailed to Vala Zeinali (  prior to the request being heard.

Step 5: Lastly, please make sure you print out and fill out the Allocation Program Request Signature Form below.

If you have questions completing the allocation request form, please contact Vala Zeinali ( , Director for Business and Finance to determine if your request if fundable.

In order to complete your request you will need to complete the following signature form and drop it off in the allocations box outside of the USG office or bring it to the allocations meeting. 

2016-2017 Allocation Program Request Signature Form