The Kent State USG Allocation Committee will consist of 9 Kent State students that are responsible for awarding funds to registered student organizations and individuals for travel, events, and operations. The committee will be under the supervision of the Director of Business and Finance. The committee will meet once a week to discuss budget sheets. Application are now open!

Chief of Staff duties involve: managing the USG Google Drive, taking meeting minutes, acting as a confidant to the student body president, approve all legislation, be in direct contact with our advisor, meet weekly, and be available to the president and administration at all times. This position is very time consuming, requires you to be flexible in your duties and can have a lot of differing roles depending on the need of the student body. Application is now open!

The Kent State Undergraduate Student Government Programming board will consist of 5 students that will be in direct contact with the Director of Programming. They will assist in all set up and tear down, social media marketing, crew management, and hospitality accommodations. Application is now open!