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Renters' Rights

Students, know your renters' rights! Don't move into a inhospitable house or apartment.

House and Apartment Issues May Include:

  1. Accessibility to Building: broken steps, too steep of steps/ramp, no railing, no curb access/ not enough. Broken locks (front/ back doors and bedroom locks).

  2. Faulty Openings: broken windows/doors, frames, seals around windows/ doors. (Letting in drafts and causes heat to escape)

  3. Mold, fungi, water damage, asbestos, lead paint, excessive leftover trash/rubbish, excessive flaking/peeling paint.

  4. Structure damage & Broken Pipes and leaks (water, gas, plumbing), massive wall/ceiling cracks, exposed wiring,

  5. Lot, building and dimensional requirements - minimum necessary rooming areas, common areas, parking lot.

  6. No action based on races, nationality, gender, sexuality, or religion, handicap, or familial status. - denying rental

  7. Notice prior to entering premise, the landlord must provide one days prior notice before entering unless specifically stated for legitimate reasoning.

  8. Landlords - threatening, intimidating, interfering with tenant exercising fair housing rights,

  9. Selectively enforcing lease provisions, changing lease,

  10. Falsifying inspections, health code violations, fair housing act.

  11. Working fire/ smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detector, and fire extinguisher, other fire hazards

  12. Serve overgrowth of plants, trees,

If your landlord/ property management does not comply with need issues (housing/zoning codes), please contact the Building Service Department for the City of Kent. 

For more information contact Student Legal Services, the Undergraduate Government, or a City Inspector.

Student Legal Services: (330) 672-9550 | http://dept.lent.edu/sls
Undergraduate Student Government: (330) 672-9550