USG purchases cases of bluebooks to give out to the study body for free! Come into the office and ask the student at the front desk for up to 2 a day! Bluebooks are used to take tests in for certian business, humantites, and history glasses.

USG provides free weekday editions of The New York Times and USA Today at select locations across campus. Boxes are housed in the Student Center, and can be accessed by swiping a valid Flashcard.

  1. To use a bike, visit any of these locations during the fall season:
    • Student Recreation and Wellness Center (330-672-4REC)
    • Kent Student Center (330-672-2554)
    • Ice Arena (330-672-RINK)
    • Stopher Hall Area Desk (330-672-3600)
    • Dunbar Hall Area Desk (330-672-3610)
    • Twin Towers Area Desk (330-672-3915)
    • Tri Towers Area Desk (330-672-3244)
  2. Present your Flashcard to one of our staff members, who will assist you with signing out a bike. Bikes are available daily for free.
  3. Before riding, make sure to inspect the bike thoroughly. If you find anything wrong, simply alert our staff member.
  4. Enjoy your trip! Remember to wear a helmet and lock the bike when not in use. This equipment is available with your rental.
  5. When you’re done, return the bike to its point of origin. Flashfleet bikes are proudly protected by BikeGuard: The Free Bike Registry.


Safety Tips:

  • Always wear a helmet
  • Always lock your bike
  • Always follow traffic laws
  • Always ride predictably
  • Always be visible


Judicial Advocates are students like you who assist fellow students who are going to a Student Conduct Hearing. They help the accused Student understand both the process of the hearing and the possible sanctions. If requested, the advocate may be present during the student conduct hearing. At the hearing the advocate can only advise the student on what he or she should say or do.

If you would like additional information about using Judicial Advocate services, or becoming a Judicial Advocate, you may e-mail Jacqueline Torto, Director of Student Advancement, at call the Undergraduate Student Government at 330-672-3207, or stop by their office in Kent Student Center (KSC 122A) to make an appointment. 

House and Apartment Issues May Include:

  1. Accessibility to Building: broken steps, too steep of steps/ramp, no railing, no curb access/ not enough. Broken locks (front/ back doors and bedroom locks).
  2. Faulty Openings: broken windows/doors, frames, seals around windows/ doors. (Letting in drafts and causes heat to escape)
  3. Mold, fungi, water damage, asbestos, lead paint, excessive leftover trash/rubbish, excessive flaking/peeling paint.
  4. Structure damage & Broken Pipes and leaks (water, gas, plumbing), massive wall/ceiling cracks, exposed wiring,
  5. Lot, building and dimensional requirements - minimum necessary rooming areas, common areas, parking lot.
  6. No action based on races, nationality, gender, sexuality, or religion, handicap, or familial status. - denying rental
  7. Notice prior to entering premise, the landlord must provide one days prior notice before entering unless specifically stated for legitimate reasoning.
  8. Landlords - threatening, intimidating, interfering with tenant exercising fair housing rights,
  9. Selectively enforcing lease provisions, changing lease,
  10. Falsifying inspections, health code violations, fair housing act.
  11. Working fire/ smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detector, and fire extinguisher, other fire hazards
  12. Serve overgrowth of plants, trees, 

If your landlord/ property management does not comply with need issues (housing/zoning codes), please contact the Building Service Department for the City of Kent. 

For more information contact Student Legal Services, the Undergraduate Government, or a City Inspector.

Student Legal Services: (330) 672-9550 |
Undergraduate Student Government: (330) 672-9550 |

The primary goal of the Office of the Student Ombuds is to provide students confidential consultation in assisting with the possible resolution of any university-related concern, grievance or appeal. Students work closely with the Student Ombuds in developing both informal and formal strategies that will assist them in resolving their university-related concerns.

For more information please contact the Director of Student Advancement, Jackie Torto at

Before registering your student organization, make sure you have the following:

1. The FlashLine ID (email) and contact information of a minimum of five officers that meet the following requirements:

  • Student must be enrolled in at least eight (8) undergraduate or six (6) graduate credit hours
  • Student must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.25
  • Student must have passed at least six (6) or more hours in the proceeding semester.
  • Student cannot be on semester warning or academic probation

 2. The FlashLine ID (email) of your advisor who must meet the following requirement:

  • Individual must be a full time or part time permanent university employee, or military personnel working with Kent State University ROTC programs. Campus Ministers (a registered member of Campus Ministers Organization CMO) are restricted to advising their affiliated organizations.

          3. Your organization’s constitution in Word or PDF format ready to be uploaded to the site.

Once you have submitted your registration, it will be sent to your advisor and a staff member in the Center for Student Involvement for approval. You will receive email notification once your organization has been registered!

There are four simple steps to Zipcar:

1. Join: Apply now! Once approved, you’ll get your Zipcard. This magical, little card unlocks thousands of cars, trucks and vans across the globe.

2. Reserve: Book a Zipcar for a couple hours or the whole day. Do it online or on your phone via our mobile app. We’re easy.

3. Unlock: Walk to the car and hold your Zipcard to the windshield. Ta da! The doors will unlock and it’s all yours.

4. Drive: Go! When your time is almost up, return the car to the same reserved parking spot. Then you are all done!