KSU Undergraduate Student Government
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Meet the…


keegan headshot

Director of Programming

Keegan Lax: klax@kent.edu

Office Hours:

  • Monday 11AM-2PM

  • Tuesday 9AM-10AM

  • Wednesday 11AM-2PM

  • Thursday 2PM-5PM

chanelle headshot

Director of Student Advancement

Chanelle Waligura: cwaligu2@kent.edu

Office Hours:

  • Monday 12PM-1PM

  • Tuesday 1PM-5PM

  • Wednesday 12PM-1PM, 2PM-3PM

  • Friday 12PM-1PM, 2PM-4PM


Director of Community Affairs, Parliamentarian

Peter Hans Kiersted: pkierste@kent.edu

Office Hours:

  • Monday 2:15PM-3:30PM

  • Tuesday 2PM-5:15PM

  • Wednesday 2:15PM-3:30PM

  • Thursday 2PM-5:15PM

  • Friday 11:45AM-2PM

lauren headshot

Director of Communication and marketing

Lauren Novick: lnovick@kent.edu

Office Hours*:

  • Monday 12:30PM-2PM

  • Tuesday 1PM-3PM

  • Wednesday 1PM-5PM

  • Thursday 2PM-4PM

*Office Hours will vary weekly. If you need to meet with Director Novick, please email her to schedule an appointment.

laith headshot

Director of Business and finance

Laith Tabbaa: ltabbaa@kent.edu

Office Hours:

  • Monday 2PM-5PM

  • Tuesday 12:30PM-2PM

  • Wednesday 2PM-5PM

  • Thursday 12:30PM-2PM, 3:30PM-4:30PM


Director of Governmental Affairs

Tiera Moore: tmoore71@kent.edu

Office Hours:

  • Monday 9AM-2PM

  • Wednesday 9AM-2PM

drake headshot

Director of Academic Affairs

Drake Wartman: dwartman@kent.edu

Office Hours:

  • Monday 3:15PM-7:30PM

  • Thursday 2:15PM-8PM


Director of Student Involvement

Kaelee Dingey: kdingey@kent.edu

Office Hours:

  • Monday 4PM-6PM

  • Tuesday 10:45AM-12:15PM

  • Wednesday 1PM-6PM

  • Thursday 10:45AM-12:15AM